TikTok and Instagram are the only social networks that are growing as news sources for Americans

Ten percent of all American adults now say they “regularly” get news from TikTok, according to a new Pew analysis. That’s up from 3% just two years ago. And for younger Americans, not surprisingly, the percentage is higher: 26% of Americans under 30 say they regularly get news from TikTok.

The increase comes as Americans’ use of most other social networks for news has declined over the past two years. Instagram is up too, but just a tiny bit. The use of Facebook for news has fallen the most over the last two years: Today, less than half of Americans say they regularly get news there. (That drop has taken place as Facebook has retrenched on news; a company spokesperson said recently that “Currently less than 3% of what people around the world see in Facebook’s Feed are posts with links to news articles.”)

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