Facebook renames News Feed just “Feed”

Facebook and news have had a fraught relationship. Hyperpartisan content tends to draw the most engagement. Misinformation on the platform is rampant thanks in part to a small group of abusive, toxic “superusers.” But for all of those headaches — and mounting European legal challenges, and content moderation horror stories here and abroad — most people don’t read any news on Facebook at all. (They go elsewhere to read news, however, when Facebook is down.)

So Facebook announced Tuesday that what has been known as “News Feed” since 2006 will now simply be called “Feed.”

“We think Feed is a better reflection of the broad variety of content people see as they scroll,” Facebook spokesperson Dami Oyefeso told me.

Starting today, our News Feed will now be known as “Feed.” Happy scrolling! pic.twitter.com/T6rjO9qzFc

— Facebook App (@facebookapp) February 15, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company now known as Meta, has made it clear that he believes the company’s future is in the metaverse. Investors may not agree, but it seems increasingly clear that the company’s interest in sharing publishers’ stories on its platform is fading.

Mark Zuckerberg is addressing Meta employees at a virtual all hands right now. He’s explaining the company’s updated values, which are:

– “move fast” is becoming “move fast together”
– “be bold” replaced with “build awesome things”
– “focus on long term impact” is a new one

— Alex Heath (@alexeheath) February 15, 2022

– last value, and I am not making this up: “Meta, metamates, me”

A slide shows this text in bold all caps next to Zuck talking

I am told Zuck said this without laughing and explained it had to do with a story about ships and shipmates

— Alex Heath (@alexeheath) February 15, 2022

Photo of horse consuming content by Kim Bartlett — Animal People, Inc., used under a Creative Commons license.

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