Celebrate International Women’s Day with all this not-great news about women journalists

Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s to making $62,000 a year after 20 years on the job.

For the third year in a row, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism analyzed “the gender breakdown of top editors in a strategic sample of 240 major online and offline news outlets in 12 different markets across five continents.”

— Only 21% of the 179 top editors across the 240 brands covered are women, despite the fact that, on average, 40% of journalists in the 12 markets are women. Last year, the top-line figure was 22% across the same markets.

— Among the 51 new top editors appointed across the brands covered, 23% are women. In some countries (Spain, the UK, and the US), half or more of new top editors appointed in the last year are women, but in many others few or none are.

— In 11 out of 12 markets, the majority of top editors are men, including in countries where women outnumber men among working journalists. No market in our sample has a majority of women top editors this year.

Just gonna say it: International Women’s Day feels bad!

— Emma Barker (@emmajune) March 8, 2022

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