AI made this prediction

To make my 2023 prediction I’ve leaned heavily on artificial intelligence.

After creating the script with the AI-enabled Lex Page document editor, I enlisted the help of WellSaid Labs to provide the narration. With AugX Lab’s, I got a transcript of the audio and an automatic video with AI-suggested video cuts and images. To add an extra layer, I utilized MidJourney to take many of the suggested images and give them an AI boost.

I understand the wariness surrounding AI, but I wanted to share a vision of 2023 and beyond where AI is a specialized skill and some (not all) journalists will navigate their careers as those who can leverage this technology to improve the news ecosystem.

For those that prefer to read rather than watch a video, the transcript is here. While the ideas are more important than the produced video, I would encourage you to watch until you’ve heard at least two or three of the AI-generated voices narrate. Hopefully it spurs some ideas of what could be possible in the future.

David Cohn is a cofounder of Subtext.

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